Wednesday, November 7, 2012


My first (of many I hope) big piece of furniture sold! I hope it went to a good home because I loved this one!

Remember the before?  If not here is a reminder:

Thursday, November 1, 2012

In sickness and in health....The craft show: Part 1

I am back...not to painting and distressing yet (unfortunately) but to the side of the land of the living...You may remember a couple of weeks ago I was crazily preparing for my first craft show and in the midst of it I caught a cold.  I even ended up with an ear infection.  I didn't even know that adults could get ear infections!  I took much better pictures of our set up at the show with my mom's camera but have yet to get them from her...I decided to just go ahead and post the few pic's I took with my camera before switching to hers.

I loved making the "Boo" sign at the bottom of this picture and I am glad to say it sold.  Nothing big sold-the dresser almost did but I was too greedy (and remembering the amount of sanding it took) to let it go for any less.  That is okay because it is now sitting in the Vintage on Main waiting to be sold (I shouldn't have been greedy because now I have to split the and learn) along with at least half of the other things I didn't sell!

I have decided to can't part with the table and chairs.  I love them too much.  The craft show was so dead at times we just sat and chatted and I stared at it's beauty and now I can't part with it....

Jake took most of these pictures for me-as you can see in the mirror. :)  I love the count your blessings sign I made (I really am more modest than I sound...I just love words, and signs, and that font...) and may have to keep that one too. :)
My crew setting up..
Jake being a goof ball.  I love the table decorations...At least this show gave me a confidence boost that I love my stuff.  I was told by a fellow seller that I am in the wrong market.  My stuff is more sophisticated (I was so flattered and I needed it after watching people pass my stuff to walk over to the lady across from me to buy 10 ceramic joke-ceramic.heads....) and she told me another town that is close by, on the way to the mountains of NC that has a main street full of store that would love to consign my stuff.  I am headed there next week to see if she is right!
Seriously I am in love with the table and chairs. (..I can't wait for you to see it in its true light with the pictures I took with my mom's camera.  You can see the real colors better.)  They are going to look great in our dinning room when we move into our house (cross your fingers that will be soon)...
I have decided to give painting large objects a bit of a break so that my extended family doesn't go crazy housing all my projects.  No more big projects until we have our own house again.  So: bring on the small projects!