Thursday, December 6, 2012

More SOLD!

I got my first paycheck from "Vintage on Main" and was surprised by the amount! I had sold more pieces!  I guess I better get painting because they have sold all the bigger pieces I brought them.  Off to Goodwill I go to find more fun things to paint. :)

...and sold!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


My first (of many I hope) big piece of furniture sold! I hope it went to a good home because I loved this one!

Remember the before?  If not here is a reminder:

Thursday, November 1, 2012

In sickness and in health....The craft show: Part 1

I am back...not to painting and distressing yet (unfortunately) but to the side of the land of the living...You may remember a couple of weeks ago I was crazily preparing for my first craft show and in the midst of it I caught a cold.  I even ended up with an ear infection.  I didn't even know that adults could get ear infections!  I took much better pictures of our set up at the show with my mom's camera but have yet to get them from her...I decided to just go ahead and post the few pic's I took with my camera before switching to hers.

I loved making the "Boo" sign at the bottom of this picture and I am glad to say it sold.  Nothing big sold-the dresser almost did but I was too greedy (and remembering the amount of sanding it took) to let it go for any less.  That is okay because it is now sitting in the Vintage on Main waiting to be sold (I shouldn't have been greedy because now I have to split the and learn) along with at least half of the other things I didn't sell!

I have decided to can't part with the table and chairs.  I love them too much.  The craft show was so dead at times we just sat and chatted and I stared at it's beauty and now I can't part with it....

Jake took most of these pictures for me-as you can see in the mirror. :)  I love the count your blessings sign I made (I really am more modest than I sound...I just love words, and signs, and that font...) and may have to keep that one too. :)
My crew setting up..
Jake being a goof ball.  I love the table decorations...At least this show gave me a confidence boost that I love my stuff.  I was told by a fellow seller that I am in the wrong market.  My stuff is more sophisticated (I was so flattered and I needed it after watching people pass my stuff to walk over to the lady across from me to buy 10 ceramic joke-ceramic.heads....) and she told me another town that is close by, on the way to the mountains of NC that has a main street full of store that would love to consign my stuff.  I am headed there next week to see if she is right!
Seriously I am in love with the table and chairs. (..I can't wait for you to see it in its true light with the pictures I took with my mom's camera.  You can see the real colors better.)  They are going to look great in our dinning room when we move into our house (cross your fingers that will be soon)...
I have decided to give painting large objects a bit of a break so that my extended family doesn't go crazy housing all my projects.  No more big projects until we have our own house again.  So: bring on the small projects! 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The table that goes with the chairs...

This is a shot of the table that goes with the lovely chairs from my last post. The lighting is not great but the color actually matches the fabric I (my mom and I, I should say. Thanks Mom!) covered the chairs with.

Before and After: Chairs.

 These pictures are really not the true before.  Picture caked with nasty old food, cream colored nasty seat cover with ripped plastic cover, and stain on the top that looked like it was dripping...but it wasn't-it was hard.  I think someone attempted, momentarily to strip the stain.  I had a better idea: sand them down, paint them, recover the seats, and make them  amazing!  With out further ado:

Oh wait!  I found a before the sanding and degunking but it is actually a flattering picture because you can't see the grossness.  I should of gotten some up close shots...

During: wait here is a sneak peek of the gorgeousness, then back to the proper order...


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Side table: Before and After...

I love ugly furniture...I really do because I can see the vision.  Can you see the vision for this ugly piece?


During (first coat):
FINALLY my business partner is available to help!  Jake is getting good at this...and he is adorable don't you think?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Craft Show Prep...

Okay...the truth is I love the chaos of painting a million projects at once. It is a fun mess and I had to document it. :) Thanks for helping mom!

Mirror: Before and After...

Another before and after of a  mirror!...Which you know means trying to figure out how to take a picture of a mirror.  I am not great at this (if you need proof of that statement just check out this post), so I am hoping you will use your imagination on this one.  I am in the middle of getting ready for a show (in Cowpens SC, on Oct. 20th...I know I am a broken record...) so I didn't have time to hang it up and make the picture look pretty.  But if you are here than chances are good that you are a creative person and that you will not judge me for the background and lack of staging. :)

 It was painted brown...Not stained...painted. Ugly.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Vintage On Main in Cowpens South Carolina

Not far from Spartanburg SC, there is a quaint little town called Cowpens.  It is known for 2 things: The battle of Cowpens (they do re-enactments of the famous battle) and a their antique/craft stores down Main Street.  I am lucky enough to have some of my pieces in the best of the best store in town: Vintage On Main
Before you even get in the door you are surrounded but a mix of vintage and new, fun home decor items.

This is what you see when you walk in the door...Do you see my mirror on the wall?

Urns...not quite "after" but close...

While Jake was sick in bed I took advantage and painted. I found these urns for a steal and thought I could make them even prettier than they already were.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Aqua dresser: The almost after...I have a lot of these...

Remember this ugly dresser?  I did this post on it and gave a sneak peek of the after...I thought by now I would have the pulls for the bottom drawers on it, but I don't and I figured from the pictures you could get the gist of what it will look like....

The ugly before (again):
It looks like this now...

Friday, October 5, 2012

Don't get around much anymore...Frames before and afters...

We haven't been getting out much lately because we are getting ready  for the Craft and Antique show in Cowpen's on Oct. 20th...and because Jake has been sick.  So while he was hanging out in bed, I was getting my paint on!
 I scored big time when I was at Target a couple of weeks ago.  They had a bajillion frames on sale-70% off!  I bought a buggy full and had big plans to paint and distress every last one of them.  So, here is the boring, plain black before: (I actually really like black frames but not as much as I like the after...)

(can't get this big space to go away so we will just pretend it is here for dramatic effect!)

The after:  (that is a picture of Jake last year when he turned 10...I need to take his 11 yr. pic's)

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Updating lamps

 I love spray paint. :) These will be going in the "Arts & Antiques On Main" show I am going to be doing on October 20th in Cowpens, SC.  If you are in the area you should come because it is going to be awesome!  And you may see these cute lamps:

Before:  (got these at Goodwill for a steal)

 And here they are after a little fun with some spray paint:

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Before & A Sneak Peek of the After....

...I have to stage the after to make it pretty.  I had a bit of a problem with my homemade chalk paint and had to do some touch ups which meant sanding...and I ran out of time to clean up and make it pretty.  And this piece (the after at least) deserves pretty.  I love it...I am going to sell it. *sigh*.  I can't keep them all.  More on when and where I will be selling it later.  For now here is the very ugly before...but I saw the vision when I saw it at Goodwill and new it could be pretty...oh so pretty.... :)

Ugly and gross right?

And the sneak peek of the after:

I know you love the little bit you see as much as I do right?  I will show you the rest soon...Hopefully tomorrow because I can't wait to tell you my good news and show you the rest of the gorgeousness!  

My Chairs...No Distressing. Just Spray Paint.

Every now and then my dear husband, Aaron, actually cares about something decor wise.  This was one of those moments.  He didn't want our table and chairs (or our bed...he is such a party pooper) to be distressed.  But he didn't say that I had to keep them the way they were. :)  I spray painted the chairs. I can't find my camera right now so I borrowed my sister-in-laws to take a few pictures  (I had quit and adventure while spray painting...2 different colors came out of cans that were supposed to be the same...I took pic's but they are on my missing camera...I will post them later when I find my camera...Pray I find my camera PLEASE!).  This is a shot of my chairs (in her basement...and they will be until January...) and I love the color...which is a little off in this shot but it is in a basement and I was using someone elses camera so this was pretty much as good as it gets!  I painted the table black.  Another compromise..

A Fun Desk Project: Before & After..ish

My mom found a great find for me at Goodwill and I couldn't wait to paint it!  She found this gem at Goodwill and I was so excited to paint it I forgot to take a before picture!  I was also excited because I knew it would be a quick paint job using Annie Sloan paint.  I love the recipe I have found and started using for chalk paint and it is much more affordable than using Annie Sloan's paint...but her paint is so superior and fun to use when I can.  Here is the Before:
And a really poorly lite picture of the After...You can hardly see the distressing but it is there I promise!  You will see it better in the close ups.