Friday, August 3, 2012

Mirror, mirror, on the wall...

Okay, so I am not going to lie to you...I love to think of myself as a photographer, but mirrors are hard to take a picture of people!  Again I forgot to take the before.  If I had I probably would have run out of time to even paint it!  I am hoping you will get the picture on just how beautiful this mirror came out...

This is with one coat of duck egg blue on it.  It is a very light...robin's egg blue almost.  I am in LOVE with this color...That is Sadie our black lab mutt with creepy eyes in the reflection.  Her creepy eyes are much better than me in my painting clothes-trust me!

Here is my first attempt after I finished it.  I love my mom's house but I want you to look at the mirror not here decor. :)  This is a good picture of what the color really looks like. 
Another try in a different spot with not so much background...except Sadie again...She is a very good assistant.
Unlike Jake who was actually supposed to be helping me...I wasn't really trying to get him to help me though. I was having too much fun doing it to share the process with anyone else. :)

Here it is before I started the seriously fun distressing part.  I love the color...
Isn't it amazing to see the transformation?!   I had just started and the difference is amazing. (I think the color looks different in every picture...sorry for that but I just have a little point and shot.)

Okay enough close ups!  I think you get the picture.  I am loving this one.  Lesson learned with this one:  mirrors are hard to photograph. :)  This one is for sale.

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