Monday, August 20, 2012

Works in progress...

1.  A dresser that started out like this:
...and I got the base coat painted.

 I am not painting the inside of the drawers since the paint is so expensive and I am not going to sell it.  It is Annie Sloan's Primer Red and I am going to be putting her Graphite over it (it is a dark gray that with dark wax over it looks black).
I am doing this as a surprise for Jake's birthday coming up because he picked out the Star Wars Classic bedding at Target and the colors are going to look great together.

2.  Spray painting chairs.  No fun distressing her.  I am going to paint and distress out table but leave the chairs.  I used a spray paint primer and just started with one chair to see if it will really keep the paint from chipping on a chair that gets everyday use.  It started out (I keep forgetting my before shots...) one of those chairs from the 90's with the white legs and back, while the sit is a natural color wood. 
And this is the fun color that some of the chairs are going to be:

I need to lightly sand the back before I do my second coat because I got a little carried away and there are a few drips.  But that will be easy to fix. After the second coat I am going to use it a while before painting the others. I will let you know how well the Valspar spray paint holds up on something that gets washed regularly and tends to get bumped into things.
Projects 3-5: My last cabinet door, 2 boards and a lamp.

The lamp is done as far as painting and waxing goes.  I am going to cover the old lamp shade with the perfect fabric...once I find it!  The two boards are for a project at church and the other cabinet it for something that I haven't fully planned yet but I am sure will be great. :)

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