Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The table that goes with the chairs...

This is a shot of the table that goes with the lovely chairs from my last post. The lighting is not great but the color actually matches the fabric I (my mom and I, I should say. Thanks Mom!) covered the chairs with.

I distressed it lightly and will take better pictures when I have it all set up at the craft show. It will be outside (pray for good weather) and all prettied up with fun stuff I have been creating. :)

Remember this desk I painted gray?  (it was orange...again the color is off...I have heard that a camera  can only take so many pictures before it starts giving up the ghost...My camera is AWESOME...except the colors...or maybe it is due to operator error.)
Here it is gray...

Well it is now red.  The ladies that own Vintage On Main in Cowpens SC (they have some of my pieces in their shop) told me to paint some things red.  So, I listened.  Now I just have to re-distress it!
And I painted a little table red...and a soon to be chalk board (see the long cabinet door in the background?  It is a couple coats away from being a chalk board.
This is what the back seat of my car looks like right now...Luckily Jake is old enough to sit in the front seat!  I am having fun getting ready for this show.  They only hard part is working it around homeschooling! Good thing Jake is a smarty pants. :)
One more full prep day and then a half a day (we have a field trip with our homeschooling Co-op on Friday...perfect timing.  We signed up for it before I even knew about the show!) to get ready for the Antique and Craft Show in Cowpen's on Saturday.. If you are in the area stop by and say "Hey"!  I will post how it goes and pictures asap after the show. :)

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