Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mirror: Before and After...

Another before and after of a  mirror!...Which you know means trying to figure out how to take a picture of a mirror.  I am not great at this (if you need proof of that statement just check out this post), so I am hoping you will use your imagination on this one.  I am in the middle of getting ready for a show (in Cowpens SC, on Oct. 20th...I know I am a broken record...) so I didn't have time to hang it up and make the picture look pretty.  But if you are here than chances are good that you are a creative person and that you will not judge me for the background and lack of staging. :)

 It was painted brown...Not stained...painted. Ugly.


Try to look at the mirror not the reflection...I know.  It is very distracting. 

 This one is a little better...

I will try to update this post later with a better picture that is less distracting...But using your imagination it is really pretty don't you think?

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