Saturday, August 10, 2013

I forgot the Before, but here is the After: Framed Mirror

I love Annie Sloan's Duck Egg Blue paint.  It is my favorite...I just finished a mirror and I really love it.  I forgot to take a before but I have a during, with my two helpers....

 These are my painting shorts.  They show some of my favorite paint colors!
 And the After:

 Sadie had to check out what I was doing... I invited her to be part of the photo shot.  She is very intrigued by herself in the mirror.  She hasn't quite figured it out.  She growls at herself in our glass back door at night.  The mirror looks a little foggy because I waxed the frame and spread it around on the mirror itself when I was washing it.  I will have to go back and windex it again...
What do you think?  I love Duck Egg Blue...a LOT.  I am listing the mirror for $60, if you are interested.

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