Thursday, August 8, 2013

I heart Craigslist!

I am amazed at the response I have gotten already from listing my furniture on Craigslist.  The table and chairs (otherwise known as my beloved...) are going to be picked up next week from a sweet young couple buying their first home.  My creation is a memory in the making for them!!!  Exciting!  My side table is going to be looked at tomorrow by a lady that is really excited about it and if she doesn't buy it there is another lady that wants it!!!  I got an email about the desk but her hubby has to okay it so not sure how that one will go...But I am so excited that people love my stuff as much as me!!!!  Back to painting...I have a bench that I got off the side of the road that is a gem...That is next to go on Craigslist...and of course here!

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