Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Fun Desk Project: Before & After..ish

My mom found a great find for me at Goodwill and I couldn't wait to paint it!  She found this gem at Goodwill and I was so excited to paint it I forgot to take a before picture!  I was also excited because I knew it would be a quick paint job using Annie Sloan paint.  I love the recipe I have found and started using for chalk paint and it is much more affordable than using Annie Sloan's paint...but her paint is so superior and fun to use when I can.  Here is the Before:
And a really poorly lite picture of the After...You can hardly see the distressing but it is there I promise!  You will see it better in the close ups. 

I loved the color before but I wanted to neutralize it so it appealed to more people.  Everyone loves gray with a little bit of orange"ish" red peeking out right?  There is even a little yellow from the layer before. :)
This desk had obviously been painted several times.  I love that look...

I wish I took more pictures because I did an awesome job distressing where little bums would have worn the seat down. :)  I will have to do an update because it isn't quite finished.  There is a little shelf/cubby underneath that you can store your books in but the shelf is missing.  My father-in-law said he would help me fix that.  So, when that is done I will update and show you the real "after".

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