Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Before & A Sneak Peek of the After....

...I have to stage the after to make it pretty.  I had a bit of a problem with my homemade chalk paint and had to do some touch ups which meant sanding...and I ran out of time to clean up and make it pretty.  And this piece (the after at least) deserves pretty.  I love it...I am going to sell it. *sigh*.  I can't keep them all.  More on when and where I will be selling it later.  For now here is the very ugly before...but I saw the vision when I saw it at Goodwill and new it could be pretty...oh so pretty.... :)

Ugly and gross right?

And the sneak peek of the after:

I know you love the little bit you see as much as I do right?  I will show you the rest soon...Hopefully tomorrow because I can't wait to tell you my good news and show you the rest of the gorgeousness!  

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