Friday, September 14, 2012

My buffet before & after...

Yes, I am still a live and distressing busily!  I don't have a whole of time for words, except to say I am so glad my mom passed on her old buffet (pretty sure she got it at a yard sale a million years ago) because I painted it a light gray and distressed it and I love it...Okay so that was a lot of words for one sentence!  Enough with the words on with the pictures!!  Here is my new-old buffet:

1 before:
lots of afters:

Okay, so I have time for a few more words!  I can't remember the name of the paint.  I do know that it is HGTV paint from Sherwin Williams and I really LOVE it.  I used 2 cups paint, 1 cup plaster paris, and enough water to thin it out.  (I will come back and update with the paint color name.)

This is in the basement of my sister-in-laws house.  I am in a made dash to paint a few pieces of furniture (my "painting studio" is in the basement too...along with ALL of our stuff they are storing for us.) because we move into our rental house in just over a week!!! (Who knew that after owning 3 homes I would be sooo excited to move into a tiny little rental-that is adorable by the way!  Short sale fall through, invading your in-laws space for 5 months, and friends who are renting their home before putting it on the market=CAN'T WAIT TO RENT!!!)  This will look perfect in the dinning room...I just had to pull out a few of my things that have been stashed in the basement.  I know it is a hodge podge but I have missed my stuff and it was fun just to put it out and look at it and know that in just a little over a week I will be able to see it every day...And don't worry it will be decorated so much cuter than this-I just had to play for a few minutes. :)

Next project: our sleigh bed is going Valspar Tuxedo Black tomorrow.  Can't wait to get my paint on!

And than maybe these wooden boxes that I grew up with.  My dad has a whole bunch (8 or 9 maybe) that I inherited when my parents down sized.  I am a lucky girl!  My dad used them to hold his books and things.  I have a plan for these in the rental...Check back and you will see if my plan worked!
 One more picture because I can't stop looking at it and loving it!

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Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

what a beautiful buffet! i love the shape and the white is just perfect to let the piece itself do the shining!