Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Chairs...No Distressing. Just Spray Paint.

Every now and then my dear husband, Aaron, actually cares about something decor wise.  This was one of those moments.  He didn't want our table and chairs (or our bed...he is such a party pooper) to be distressed.  But he didn't say that I had to keep them the way they were. :)  I spray painted the chairs. I can't find my camera right now so I borrowed my sister-in-laws to take a few pictures  (I had quit and adventure while spray painting...2 different colors came out of cans that were supposed to be the same...I took pic's but they are on my missing camera...I will post them later when I find my camera...Pray I find my camera PLEASE!).  This is a shot of my chairs (in her basement...and they will be until January...) and I love the color...which is a little off in this shot but it is in a basement and I was using someone elses camera so this was pretty much as good as it gets!  I painted the table black.  Another compromise..

I wanted white but Aaron said he hates white furniture. Since when has he cared so much! :) That is okay because I love black too. When I say I painted the table I mean the top of it because at the moment I can't find the legs...They are some where in the basement being stored probably hidden behind boxes. I can't wait to put all my stuff back together and do a before and after of every room in the house!...In a few months that will happen...I love our sleigh bed and am so excited that I finally painted it black.  I have wanted to for years but felt guilty painting over the lovely oak.  But I finally realized that after about 5 years of wanting to I wasn't going to regret doing it because I have wanted to do it so long!  I love using chalk paint.  Our bed was the first large piece I did with chalk paint I made and it came out great.  I only waxed the foot board.  Isn't the difference in the waxed foot board and the un-waxed head board amazing?  I can't wait to finish it!
I am working on lots of projects at the moment but not really finishing any of them.  I was gearing up to decorate a house we were going to rent and now I am not...So, some projects are being postponed so I can work on some pieces that I can sell. :)

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