Saturday, August 10, 2013

Before & After: Vintage Shabby Chic Side Table

Ahhhh....My creative juices are flowing and I am so glad I am painting again.  My mom, who obviously loves me very much , found these beauties.  She was at Goodwill, she bought them, and then immediately brought them my house.  I immediately painted them, and was happy.  Painting and distressing is so therapeutic! 

 Seeing this reminds me just how brown our living room is.  The plans to change that are already in the works.

Our table that is going to be painted is in the background...Sorry for the weird angle on this one.

 I love this little darling side table to pieces... {sigh}

 Excuse the crooked lamp shade.  I was too focused in on the throw back vibes of the side table and didn't even notice!

 I brought it out in to the sunlight to show the true color. 

I am going to have to name this Darling #1 and I am selling it for $45....I am still working on Darling #2.  More on that later.  Back to painting...

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Mom said...

I love when you are this excited about something. I'm going to keep looking for pieces like these end tables for you to give life to.